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What is Hypnosis?

It may surprise you to learn that about every 60-90 minutes each one of us experiences a “hypnotic trance”! You are experiencing hypnosis when you daydream, get lost in a book, become absorbed in a movie, and even while driving and zoning out. Hypnosis is a common and naturally occurring state of mind, called an “altered state”, in which our conscious mind is relaxed and our subconscious mind is able to much more easily create new ideas and beliefs, like when we were little. When we choose to engage in hypnosis, we are choosing to experience a state of light or deep relaxation together with a heightened state of awareness, involvement, and responsiveness with the ideas we’re focusing on.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the process of easily taking yourself into hypnosis with guidance, connecting with the “programs” in your subconscious that have been causing you to do and experience the things that are keeping you from what you really want, and replacing them with higher quality information of your own choosing. You choose what those upgrades are, hypnosis helps you “install” them, and there are unlimited changes you can make. You are aware and in control during the process, and it does not require reliving every detail of your past.

Will hypnosis work for me?

95% of people can be hypnotized to some extent, according to research started at Stanford University and continued by many others. My own experience with clients reflect this. Just as you can choose to take a deep breath, you can choose to take yourself into hypnosis with simple guidance. If you are motivated to make healthy changes to your life, and you are open to following step-by-step instructions to connect with your powerful subconscious mind, you will be amazed at what hypnosis will do for you.

The 5% who may not be readily responsive to hypnosis are those who don’t want to do it, those who have an injury or disorder to the brain, and those who are high or inebriated.

Is hypnosis mind control?

Hypnosis is not mind- control; I am simply your Sherpa, or guide. I know the path, and you choose to walk it. I am all about helping you to experience greater control, confidence, and happiness in your life. You choose what your goals and desires are, then we access your powerful subconscious to get it on board with better thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. You are aware of our conversation while you are in trance, and you can even edit your answers if you choose to.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

During hypnosis you are very relaxed, but completely alert and aware. You would easily come out of trance even if I never invited you to do so. But I do invite you to do so that you feel alert and aware when we are finished with the session.

What does hypnosis feel like?

For most people hypnosis is very relaxing. You may feel light or heavy, smooth, warm, or tingly, or like you feel when you sit in a chair reading a book. It is a natural mental, emotional, and physical state.

Will I remember the session?

You will remember the session just as you remember any conversation. You probably won’t remember every word verbatim, unless that’s something you normally do, but you will remember the pieces of it. You will become more able to notice your thoughts and feelings, see what gets in your way, and learn how to program your own subconscious to bring you a more satisfying life than previously possible.

How many hypnosis sessions will I need?

While I can’t predict how many sessions will perfectly bring you the results you desire, I will use my experience and expertise to help you enjoy your life more fully as quickly as possible. Many issues can be relieved or resolved within 3-10 sessions and, ideally, we will meet once a week.

Most clients feel “something is happening” for them after one session, and notice very satisfying results over the course of the program. Some choose to enroll in an additional hypnotherapy program or longer-term coaching program for continued transformation.

* Note: If I feel that your issue is not within my scope of practice, or either of us feels that I’m not the best provider to help you, I will do my best to give you more
appropriate resources.

How will I know which is the right program for me?

I have several programs and payment options to fit your needs. During our Discovery Session, I will ask you questions about what you are struggling with, how long it’s been a problem, what triggers it, and where it shows up, so that I can assess which of my programs is ideal for your best results. Once we’ve discussed the programs you can decide what works best for you.

Are hypnosis recordings helpful?

Yes! Your subconscious mind is always listening and gathering information, whether you are awake, in a hypnotic trance, or asleep. Repetition is one of the six ways we get information powerfully into our subconscious, and emotion and imagination are located in the subconscious. Hypnosis recordings make use of all of these elements to help you make positive changes, as well as relax.

I have several hypnosis program recordings and, at times, I create personalized recordings for my clients.

Can Hypnosis help me stop smoking?

Many people have used Hypnosis to help them stop smoking, including celebrities Matt Damon, Ellen Degeneres, and Ben Affleck, among others. The Subconscious mind is like a powerful super computer and, once it receives an upgrade, it willingly runs new, higher quality programs for you. You get to choose what those upgrades are, and hypnosis helps you install them. Being a Non-Smoker is one of the unlimited changes you can make.

Quitza.com is an excellent resource for support and celebration in your Non-Smoker journey.

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