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"When a person learns how to access the power of their own subconscious mind any goal can be reached, any illness can be helped, and any pain can be minimized."

“I was dealing with extreme anxiety about a work vacation my company was taking us on. I was having almost nightly anxiety attacks and got so bad I was even too anxious to take my meds. Hypnotherapy was one of the most relaxing feelings I’ve ever had. It helped me learn to be ok with what is going on inside my brain and body. The panic attacks went from between 30 and 60 minutes down to about 5 and then they disappeared completely.  Now when I struggle with anxiety I’m much better at understanding it for what it is and that allows me to push through it. Because of my practice with hypnosis and meditation I haven’t had to rely on anxiety medication for 4 years. When I feel the panic come back I just use my Calming Anchor [created in hypnosis] and remind myself that I’m ok. I recommend hypnosis to all my friends and family. It is shocking how powerful it is and how few people know about it. Thanks Janece.”

- Jed R

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