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"Most people find hypnosis to be very relaxing. You may feel light or heavy, warm, or tingly, or just like you feel when you sit in a chair reading a book. It is a natural mental, emotional, and physical state, and you are aware and in control during the process."

“I was very skeptical at first, because I had tried nearly every other type of therapy and never saw results. However, after the first session, I was sold. In that first session, I tapped into pain that had long been forgotten yet played an intricate role in how I would function on a daily basis. Each session was better, deeper, and more healing than I ever thought possible. I now have the ability to tap into my higher powers to receive guidance. My life has a new level of peace… peace that I truly did not know could exist within me. As for Janece, she is a warm-hearted, wonderful woman. I tend to be standoffish when it comes to meeting new people, especially therapists. I immediately felt at ease in her presence. If you’re looking to better your life and yourself, look no further.”

- Chelsea W.

Additional Hypnotherapy Options

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Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your professional, personal, and even athletic life.

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