Jacoby R

I highly recommend going here and trusting Janece 100%. You will not regret it. I have bipolar disorder and during the Fall of 2016 I had a major depressive episode. I dropped my classes, I couldn’t keep a job, I didn’t want to get out of bed or do anything, I didn’t find joy in hardly anything, I hated life, and I didn’t want to kill myself but I didn’t want to keep living.

Due to the chemical imbalances in my brain and my own poor choices of choosing to ruminate. I went from being a generally happy, upbeat, productive, and positive person to being flooded every minute of every day with very negative and awful thoughts about how much I hated life and hated myself and didn’t want to do anything. Thankfully, my therapist recommended hypnotherapy with Janece and my life was blessed and changed because of it. From the very first session I felt much more confident and felt my subconscious changing and learning to combat negative thinking. I now can go through an entire day with almost no negative thoughts and that would’ve been impossible before. If you’re like me the word “hypnotherapy” might sound a little strange to you at first and it might have a negative connotation. But believe me its all very good, normal, and helpful stuff that you will be grateful that you did. If you want more details about it then check out her website but just believe me that if you want results this is the place to go. I now am doing very well in school and enjoying it. I have a great career ahead of me. My wife and I are very happy together and excited to start a family. Life still has its ups and downs and I still have my weaknesses but I have a sense of purpose, peace of mind, and true joy. Janece is wonderful! Go to her and see your life change for the better!